Month: December 2012

Solving the InfoPath 2010 form script error in Internet Explorer

If you are reading this post, it is more likely you have already read some forum threads and come across various solutions to this problem but like me none of them worked.


The Problem

If you have a long running script in your InfoPath 2010 form may be due to a rule, you might receive this error message in pre IE 9 browsers.




The Solution

Pin point the control on the form that initiates the rule which in turn runs the javascript. In my case it was a dropdown control. Right click on the dropdown control, select Drop-Down List Box Properties, go to the Browser Forms tab and select Always under Postback Settings.




What this does is it forces the control to cause a postback instead of using Ajax to execute the script on the client side. This solution might not work for everyone but its a good way to force the form to execute all rules on the server side.


Happy Programming!