Month: April 2012

ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool (WAT) Error

Those of us who use the ASP.NET WAT on a regular basis must have encountered this error at least once.

An error was encountered. Please return to the previous page and try again.


After some research I found out that the tool doesn’t work if you have spaces in the path of your applications directory for e.g. D:\My Stuff\Projects\Project1. I know, it’s weird!

The Solution

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving your project folders, worry not, NTFS Link comes to the rescue. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the tool, right click at a location of your choice and select New Junction Point.


You will then be prompted to select the target folder. In our case, this should point to D:\My Stuff\ since that is the folder that contains a space in its name.


Once the shortcut is created you can rename it to something without a space so our final path would be something like D:\ProjectsLink\Projects\Project1. The WAT tool should work now.


Visual Studio 2010 Unicode Bangla Font Support Issues

One fine day my Visual Studio 2010 couldn’t render Bangla fonts and all I saw were square boxes as you see below.


After banging my head for hours, I realized I had upgraded my Avro Keyboard after the last time I used VS2010 and during the installation I was prompted to change my default Bangla font from Vrinda to Siyam Rupali.


Little did I know that VS2010 only supports Vrinda to render Bangla in the text editor so I went ahead and changed my default font – bummer!! Luckily, I found a tool called Font Fixer which can restore your systems default Bangla font.


As you can see, my default font was set to Siyam Rupali. I clicked on Restore which then prompted me to install the Vrinda fonts manually (from my backup) and restart my computer. After booting up, I ran the tool again to confirm if the font was reset to Vrinda.


Now Bangla is being properly rendered in VS2010 and I’m one happy Bengali coder Smile


I’m not sure if Microsoft is aware of this issue but they need to make Visual Studio compatible with any unicode Bangla font and not just Vrinda.