Month: July 2010

ASP.NET SlidingMessage Control

The SlidingMessage server control is the ASP.NET version of the excellent jQuery SlidingMessage plugin by Henrik Joreteg. The control is very easy to use with minimal setup – all you have to do is drag and drop the control into your page and voila! you’re ready to go. The binary includes all the necessary javascript inlcuding jquery so you don’t even have to include them separately in your page.

Here’s how you invoke the sliding message, assuming SlidingMessage1 is the ID of the control:

SlidingMessage1.Text = "Congratulations. This works!";
SlidingMessage1.BackColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#0DFF00");
SlidingMessage1.IncludeJquery = false; //It’s included by default

And as usual the whole thing is open source so knock yourself out! The source code and a demo is hosted at

Happy Programming!